Neon Sling

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This sling is designer. With over 100 color combos to choose from, these babies will match sports teams, quickdraws, harnesses, kitchens, or personalities.

Racking & climbing never looked so good. It has everything you need and nothing you don't. Ever feel like the cams and nuts on your gear loops are getting crowded and heavy? The Neon Sling is your solution, wear this sling across your body and carry up as much gear as you want. Vinyl-covered webbing makes your gear a breeze to unclip while offering a durable surface allowing your gear to move free, no more pesky hung-ups. Even with a rack and a half of cams, the padded shoulder will keep you climbing and irritation free. Slip it around your neck when you load your gear loops, racking will be a breeze. Keep your equipment organized with a sling, it will prevent lost gear and make packing out a split-second decision.

Features Details
143 rad color combos Have it match your sports team, your quickdraws, even your kitchen.
Weight: 4.5 oz. Light enough your pack won't feel the difference.
Adjustable Length Steel buckle provides adjustability to fit most peoples.
Size: 44" to 52"(Inner Diameter)

Holds more than a full trad rack.

Rigid Gear Loop Easy clipping/unclipping with no frustrating gear hang-ups.
Capacity: 1-2 racks Comfortably holds 1-2 full racks of cams or draws.