About Neon Climbing Accessories

Neon is a small operation that's dedicated to making premium custom climbing accessories.

Neon Climbing Accessories are available in the greatest colors and made to the custom color specifications of each customer. We inject perfection and love directly into our products and deliver products that are functional and more aesthetically pleasing than the competition. Our products are available in a huge range of color schemes that are guaranteed to satisfy.

Each product is made with quality craftsmanship and materials to bring you only the highest quality of products possible. Neon climbing products are meant to last a long, long time, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

At Neon we are committed to producing only top quality gear, an alternative to mainstream industry. Neon is influenced by the climbing underground and we work to promote individuality and a product that can be a reflection of your personality. Although Neon is a tiny operation we take special care and ensure every single product is perfect and a positive representation of that hard work we deliver. We pride ourselves in a complete guarantee that each product will meet your expectations in appearance, craftsmanship, and color or your money back.

Bryce Randall
Neon Climbing Accessories

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