LoopHole Sling

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Do you want more organization in your gear sling? I'm willing to bet you could use the LoopHole Sling (formerly the MuffinTop). This proven design is the solution for folks who like some space in-between their gear.

The spaces created by each individual loop make finding that "piece" just a little bit easier. All four individual loops have a vinyl coat that adds durability and makes clipping and unclipping gear as easy as it should be. The adjustable length ensures this sling will fit everyone correctly. Even with a full day of climbing, your shoulder will be right as rain because of the comfy padded fleece shoulder section. The LoopHole sling is available in 1092 color combinations that can match your sports team, your jacket, your kitchen, or your favorite Andy Warhol. Beautiful and functional, this sling is absolutely bitchen.

Features Details
1092 exciting color combos Match your sports team, your quickdraws, or your moma's kitchen.
Weight: 4.3 oz. Light and simple
Adjustable Length Steel buckle provides adjustability to fit most shapes and sizes.
Size: 38" - 46" (Inner Diameter) 1+ full trad rack
Rigid Gear Loop Vinyl coating makes for easy clipping/unclipping.
Capacity: 1 rack This looped sling organizes 1 full rack or more