NickNack Sack

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Whipped this together one night as a gift for my wife. She dropped some good constructive criticisms on me and Viola! The NickNack Sack was born.

This affordable and heavy-duty satchel is dirt resistant, machine washable, and the perfect size. Big enough to consume your phone, your wallet, your medication, and 2 weeks' worth of receipts. These badboys are equally qualified for a night out on the town as a medical kit for your climbing pack. The uses are endless: medical kits, nail and finger kit, change purse, brush bag, smokey kit. Get one for yourself and get one as a gift, the item that everyone can use.

Features Details
Unlimited sick color combos Have it match your sports team, school, or your favorite Andy Warhol.
Weight: 3.8 oz. Heavy-duty and lightweight!
Heavy Zipper Heavy #5 zipper will take the abuse.
Size: 4.5"x8.5" (Inner Diameter)

Big enough for your wallet, keys, phone and 2 weeks of receipts.

Security wrist strap 11" long (5.5" doubled). Choose from 13 great webbing colors.