Belay Gate XL

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Thank you for your interest in our customizable large belay gates. These gates are some of the most durable and functional gates on the market.

We take pride in constructing our gates with the heaviest textiles and reinforcing every point of wear. All seams are double or triple-stitched to keep edges and corners intact and your belay gate guarding. This belay gate is constructed almost entirely from nylon making it washable and durable. 

All screen printing is done in the shop and to all manufacturer's suggested specifications. We take great care in delivering only the highest quality print with our commercial-grade equipment.

Every belay gate pocket is constructed with super durable 1680d Nylon. This resealable velcro pocket allows for the insertion of a specially constructed, oak rigidity board so our belay gates can achieve more wall coverage than any other belay gate on the market. 

Every order is created specially to your taste as you choose from 22 different colors, various different inks, and 2 different attachment methods. Our belay gates can blend in or stand out., whatever your taste. Made from the best materials in the best ways, these belay gates will last many years.

MORE great things to know:

  • Each belay gate is standard with 15in adjustable legs to provide the perfect fit.
  • The belay gate pocket has a velcro closure to allow for replacement or washing.
  • Recommend hand washing with low-pressure soap and water.

Features Details
Body Textile 1000d Nylon Cordura
Pocket Textile 1680d Ballistic Cordura
Wall Attachment Mtrl. 1" Heavy Nylon Webbing
Clip Attachment (Option) 2" Thin Nylon Webbing
Loop Attachment (Option) 2" Thin Nylon Webbing / 1" Tubular Nylon Webbing
Total Coverage 12 ft² or 1728 in²
Width x Height 36in (wide) x 48in (tall)
Rigidity Board 1.5in x 43in Oak Board
Screen Printing Ink. Plastisol
Includes Installment hardware: 1.5in Fender washers
Weight 1 lb. 12oz. / w/ reverse 2.5 lb.
Wall-Leg Adjustability 15in of adjustability in each leg