Neon Chalk Bag

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This bag is pure imagination. A serving of art with the nutritional value of military-grade durability. It's as if a soldier is wearing sweet patterns and bright colors instead of camouflage (but I do have camouflage as a color option; I have it available).

Nearly all the components of this bag are military-grade heavy-duty from the drawstring to the belt buckle. I stitch small pieces of scrap together to form beautiful patterns and styles, so technically, I'm recycling here; you're helping me recycle and save the environment. No two bags are alike unless it's intentional. You can get these bags in any style and color you wish. 100% customizable. Use the example pictures to help to see what colors are available and what patterns look good pick from the menu or customize your own. This bag is made with heavy-duty materials and components because I want this bag to last you a very, very long time.

Features Details
Unlimited color combos Totally customizable, these chalk bags can match anything.
Weight: 4.0 oz. A competitive 114 grams.
6063 Al. Tubing Spacer inside the closure delivers a tighter closure.
550-Paracord drawstring

Genuine mil-spec 550 cord. Strong and durable. Choose from 12 great paracord colors.

Rear zipper pocket Great for belay cards, cash, bandaids, rings/jewelry, and prophylactics.
Synthetic Fur Lined Synthetic sherpa fur-lined interior helps prevent chalk spills. Warm and comfy on your beat-up flesh clubs.
Capacity: 1+ chalk block Easily swallows a full block of chalk.